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Concessions ♾

In the shadows of the night, where passion ignites,
I, the Daddy Dominant Demon, claim my right.
My little girl angel, a delicate flower in my grasp,
Her submission, a sweet surrender, an intoxicating gasp.
With a touch that sears like a blazing flame,
I awaken her desires, calling out her name.
Her skin, a canvas for my sinful art,
As I explore every inch, claiming her heart.
In the dance of dominance and submission we play,
She succumbs to my will, in every way.
Bound by desire, by trust, by love,
A union forged in the heavens above.
I guide her through the depths of her soul,
Unleashing passions beyond her control.
Her moans a symphony, her eyes a reflection,
Of the power I hold, of our deep connection.
As the night unfolds, our bodies entwine,
In a dance of pleasure, so divine.
Whispers of devotion, of lust, of need,
As we journey together, our souls freed.
So let the world fade away, in this moment so pure,
For in each other's arms, we find the cure.
A Daddy Dominant Demon and his little girl angel in embrace,
Bound by love, by passion, in this sacred subspace.

????  @OsPando  ™️


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